I have a memory from years ago of a friend giving his sister a rundown of the latest Nick Cave album that includes him quoting the lyric, “We paint our children white so we can see them in the night.” The trouble is I have not been able to find this lyric in any of Cave’s songs—in fact it doesn’t appear to be a quote of anything. Did I misremember what my friend said? Did he himself come up with it? No idea.

Nonetheless it came to mind when I was thinking about how to approach this image, my attempt to keep my focus on what is essential. Also, I want to be clear that my brushwork here is digital, despite appearances. At some point I need to write about process. I’ll say “soon” now so I’m obligated to follow through.

EDIT: My friend reveals that almost certainly the lyric in question is actually “Our little church is painted white / And in the safety of the night…” Which means the real author of the quote is… me.

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